Masculinity is your fault

When a man fails, when he’s hurt, it’s only because of him. You’re
alone with your failure. But when one man does something bad, all men
are to blame.

Masculinity is called fragile, because men don’t dare show female attributes / behaviors.

Femininity is endowed at birth, and defined by the ability to bear children. Masculinity however has to be earned. And it can be revoked by your surrounding at any time, taking away your love prospects as well as friendships.

Worse, not only do men start from zero and have to earn their manhood by hard work, men are assumed to be evil and have to prove they are not, so the starting point is actually negative.

Women have spent the last 100 years trying to break their gender role, achieving the right to do all things men are allowed to do. And they did succeed!

Men have not gone through a similar process.

So masculinity is fragile indeed. But you can’t use that as a derogatory term about men. Ultimately, it comes back to you. How do you talk about men?

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