The value of a life

Generally young naive men, thinking they are protecting women, die in wars dreamed up by greedy old men. But these are NOT the same men. And there can never be a collective guilt for those wars.

However, no one sheds a tear, because they’re men and strong enough to fend for themselves. I’m disgusted both by the wars, and by how casualties are are reported. The list of articles about war, that over and over brush over the death of young men as if their lives are not important, is endless.


Obama’s kill list – All males near drone strike sites are terrorists
”Trodde aldrig att kriget skulle komma” | Nyheter | Aftonbladet
”Kvinnor drabbas värst i krig” – påståendet granskas | Genusnytt
Till de unga männens försvar – Bohusläningen
Manliga syriska flyktingar portas i Kanada – DN.SE

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