Welcome, or, what’s in a name

So, why did I create a blog called unfuck you? Because unfuck you, that’s why.

Saying fuck you sounds a little bit like you’re hoping the other person gets raped. That’s not something anyone should wish on even their worst enemy. So that’s not something I want to say any more. Especially not to women, and especially not to women who already thinks all men are potential rapists.

However, quite some of that last category are exactly the people who hurt men by their prejudgements and actions.

If you can’t think of a single man as equal to you, regardless of the society around the two of you, you don’t deserve his, or any mans’ body. And you deserve to hear that. Unfuck you.

This site is my subjective experience of being labeled a man.

I hope you enjoy reading, and that you learn something. Maybe you can even empathize and relate to your own experiences, whatever they are 🙂

Oh, and some of this will be in swedish, some in english. There is always google translate 😛

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