You don’t know me if you don’t listen to me

A self proclaimed feminist girl I talked to at a party, told me that women know more about what it feels like to be a man, than men know about what it feels like to be a woman, because the former is portrayed everywhere in media.

But the picture of men portrayed in media is as far from representing all men, or even a majority as anything. Actually, if you read the media, you’d see that what it portrays men as are environment endengering, ugly farting rapists. But then again, she might have been the kind of person that says “all men”. I never talked to her again.

I’ve met another girl with a similar attitude through a dating site. She obviously just wanted friendship, which was fine by me, even though I could have been interested in more.

The second time we went out for tea, she told me that she thought all men opressing all women. I asked if she meant all the time, and she said yes. I asked if she meant that I opressed her, sitting there talking to her. She said that yes, by being a man.

Because men are favoured in society and stronger physically, so I posed a danger to her. I never met up with her again – after all, I don’t want to opress people, but while I can’t stop being a man, I can easily stay away from people who feel opressed by being around a man. I guess she has to find another potential friend who is either a girl or fine with being an opressor.

“If you aren’t a woman, overweight, black, gay, disabled or belongs to some other minority you should LISTEN. As a human you don’t always have the right to have an opinion and speak!”

These are the kind of people who deserve to be to be told “unfuck you”.

Men are being asked to open up, but are we prepared to listen when they do? – insideMANinsideMAN


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